Privacy Policy


The Company collects the data that you enter in the Reservations page. That data is stored to progress your enquiry and to manage your booking. It is retained to allow us to provide good service; for example to easily rebook over the phone, or to return lost property to you.

The Company neither collects nor stores customers' payment card details.

The Company does not generally send marketing emails but may send exceptional news, using your contact information. We do not share your data with any other organisation.

If you wish, you may ask the Company to remove your details from our database, using the Contact page of the website.

Terms & Conditions


The Company hereby reserves the right to prohibit occupation of the premises by any persons additional to those stated in the Booking Summary unless by prior arrangement and in no case shall a caravan be occupied by more than six people. Occupation by more than the permitted numbers will be deemed a termination of the booking and the Occupier's party will be required to vacate the premises forthwith.


It should be noted that we do not permit pets or smoking.




The premises cannot be occupied before 2pm or after 6pm unless by prior arrangement. A representative will be on site on your day of arrival to hand over the keys. On the morning of your departure a representative will be on site to receive the keys and any outstanding balances.


Any dissatisfaction with the accommodation must be reported to the Company within 24 hours of arrival. Any damage to the premises or the contents thereof caused by an Occupier or member of the Occupiers party is to be reported to the Company immediately and to be paid for by the Occupier forthwith.


The owners accept no responsibility or risk for loss or damage to any property (including vehicles, boats and trailers) of an Occupier or any member of the Occupier's party or of any person or persons entering the premises with the consent of any Occupier or member of the Occupier's party.


Whilst every effort is made to provide honest and accurate description of properties in our brochures, website and advertisements, they are intended as a guide only, and do not form part of the contract.


The deposit is accepted as a cancellation fee.

  • (i) If for any reason an Occupier cancels a booking within four weeks of the day of arrival or fails to take up the accommodation without cancelling the booking, the deposit shall be forthwith forfeited to the Company and the balance of the total charge for the accommodation shall remain due and payable to the owners. The Company will attempt to find other occupiers to take the accommodation and, if successful, will refund so much of the final balance of the total charge as remains after the Owners expenses and loss of profit on the cancellation or failure to take up the booking have been met.
  • (ii) If for any reason a booking is cancelled more than four weeks before the date of arrival, the whole of the deposit shall be forfeited to the Company who shall be entitled to retain it unless another Occupier to take the accommodation can be found, whereupon the deposit will be refunded less the £20.00 cancellation charge.


  • (i) Rental does not include linen; you are therefore required to bring your own sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases and towels. Linen can be provided at an extra cost (see Reservation Request).
  • (ii) The Owners or their agents are to have access to the premises at all reasonable times for the purpose of inspection and carrying out repairs.
  • (iii)The Owners reserve the right at their absolute discretion to refuse or cancel any booking or to terminate any arrangements made for any Occupier or Occupier's party at any time without being under any obligation to assign a reason. In the event of exercise of this right, the Owners shall be under no liability to the Occupier or Occupier's party or any other person or persons affected save to refund any moneys paid by or in respect of such Occupier for such booking or where the arrangements have already commenced to refund such amounts that the Owners in their discretion think reasonable to attribute to the uncompleted portion.
  • (iv) Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to create a legal demise or any greater interest than a license for the purpose of a holiday on the terms hereinbefore provided.